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Anyone who has never heard till today musically hangs around from the last millennium: Together with around 14 million monthly listeners around Spotify, they are that the Backstreet Boys or * NSYNC of their Youth of today. Only in Korean. And more fan-friendly, cause honestly, did you really have cartoons by the Backstreet Boys? Diary entries from * NSYNC? (It'd have been fine !)
But until you move to get a small time travel - because the narrative of this game starts in 2012, until BTS'enormous break. (By the way, Jungkook was just 15 years old.) Gradually, you help the band with their success or perhaps not - and organize the boy's press appointments, https://exploringgamehacking.blogspot.com/2019/11/the-official-game-of-kpop-band-bts-world.html reserve the hotels, make medical appointments or only stand by these in everyday life. In doing so, you get to understand the 7 members very nicely... or at least the version of these that they provide from the app.
What is this about? To some sort of what-if fantasy: what if BTS failed to succeed? As an example, squat would eventually become a professional farmer and Jin could have started an internship at the hotel industry. And that's exactly where they need to get supported - this time not as a manager, but as a sort of aiding a pal.
Because 2015, BTS is almost constantly online and fill entire stadiums all over the world. And even though they provide their fans having comparatively deep insights in their lives via social media, small movies, and feature films, the South Koreans are currently better away using their cellular game BTS entire world, that will be released around June 25th and people already learn about it to receive a small impression in advance.
When you have played the heaps of assignments to the way to BTS'worldwide fame, the game isn't over : Because from the menu Another Story 7 individual adventures of the individual band members await that your click.
Because of coursethe movies, photographs, chat histories and social media posts that you fall upon within the game and in my form the narrative takes place, did not really originate at that point but had been re-enacted. And with it: Of course, a nice portion of artistic flexibility. It's assumed to stay exciting, appropriate?
In summary, BTS planet could not be cuter with its colors, small online movie snippets, and sweet interactions with all the band. And as cheesy as the item maybe - that game, pals, is 5-star fan services.

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