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Ideally the main reason is, the dynamic pricing is very slow for rare cars. Otherwise people would just sell cars in the AH and make $20 million easy. Personally, in the case of the divo, I seen people asking outrageous numbers, like 60 million or so.

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I think the whole is definitely abnormal. The nudity, however. That highly debatable. His adjustment to NFL speed would be my concern. He did do most of his damage with a clean ish pocket, but he was also under duress more than he should be within 2.5 second from the snap. He probably could've helped himself develop by staying a second nfl on field jersey nike year at OSU but since he's going to be a top 10 pick and will get NFL level coaching it doesn't make much sense to stick around.

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Source he wasn offed because he had obvious dirt on Bill? You don have that either. Hmmm. Well, I guess we rely a the damning circumstantial evidence we do have and convict him in a court of public opinion which is what is happening here that you ignoring.

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Compare that to Milton at UCF. Part of the reason that offense was so good in Frost's second year was Milton's insane ball placement. He trusted himself to make any throw, no matter how tight the coverage. It is important to note that the NHS colour palette applies to the design of NHS communications including graphics and illustrations. For illustrations, we recognise that the palette does not include colours for skin tones. Please use the colours you require for that purpose.

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I disagree that his basic strategy likely won the war. What likely won the war was northern superiority in terms of men, firepower, and money from the onset to the conclusion of the war. Essentially, the only way the north was losing the war was if it lost the will to fight.

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