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Especially to all the people saying "there's an election less than 12 months away. Why are you trying to remove him?" It's about sending a message and drawing a line in the sand that says what he did is not ok. Doesn't matter how close the next election is Congress is supposed to be a check on the Presidents power..

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Less food stamps. No social security for the elderly meaning more homeless old people like before SS was established. Less work place protections and safety standard. The only time that Jesus got pissed enough to hit somebody was when the rabbi's were allowing a market inside the temple grounds. He tore that place the fuck up, flipping tables and whipping people. If you think Jesus was the son of God, you should also think that rich people are inherently against god as they have excessive wealth..

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Bacterial adhesion and subsequent colonisation of the device may occur as a consequence of contamination during surgery, or by seeding from a distant site through the blood circulation. Coating of the hydroxyapatite (HA) ceramic component of artificial hip joints with the bisphosphonates clodronate (C) and pamidronate (P) has been proposed as a means to minimise osteolysis and thereby prevent loosening of the implant. However, the effect of the bisphosphonate coating on bacterial adhesion to the HA materials must be determined before this approach can be implemented.

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