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I 19 at the time. Was the first guy to get out of my car after a motorcycle vs car accident. Harley rider T boned, mid 50s, leather vest no shirt, jeans. My brother frank ordonez was killed by police officers on 12/5/2019, when two robbers hijacked the USP truck he was driving. They kidnapped my brother and took him on a high speed chase, when they came to a stop he was gun down like a criminal by the Florida police. He didn deserve to die the way he did, he was just going to work to provide for his two little girls, which he loved so much.

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ABOUT HOUSTON (9 3): Sophomore guard Quentin Grimes is averaging 22 points in two games at the tournament, including a 26 point effort against Georgia Tech in which he tallied 23 in the first half. Grimes is averaging a team best 15.3 points and has scored in double digits nine times, topped by a 32 point outing against Rice on Nov. 19.

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